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  • Congressman Ruppersberger Visits Teledyne on National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Energy Day

    October 10, 2022

    Congressman Ruppersberger 

    ​​​Hunt Valley,​ MD – Oct​​ober 10​​, 2022 – Maryland State Representative Dutch Ruppersberger visited Teledyne Energy Systems to honor National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day and learn more about the company's contribution to this technology.  National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day was spearheaded by the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) in 2015 and has since grown into an international celebration observed on October 8. 


    The goal of this day of international awareness is to bring together fuel cell and hydrogen industry suppliers, customers, employees, and government officials to celebrate and highlight the economic and environmental benefits hydrogen and fuel cells provide worldwide.

    “We are honored to have the Representative here today. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are becoming more efficient, reliable, and can provide clean energy to significantly reduce our carbon footprint." stated Dwight Warnock, Vice President of Teledyne Energy Systems.  “Our systems have evolved over the last 50 years to be deployed globally in the harshest environments to support our customer's most challenging energy needs.  We are so pleased to be celebrating this technology and excited to be part of its future."

    “I am extremely proud that Maryland's Second Congressional District is home to TESI, which employs some of our nation's smartest minds working on some our greatest challenges.  Year after year, TESI continues to spur scientific breakthroughs in space, land and water, driving progress on renewable energy and helping to keep our national security advantage—all while creating jobs in the process. I will continue to fight for resources and policies that advance America's energy independence and support our partners working to achieve this goal," stated Representative Ruppersberger.

    Teledyne Energy Systems makes both hydrogen generator and fuel cell products which operate from deep within the ocean and remote desert locations, to space applications such as the moon and Mars.

    The company's latest product development is a Subsea Supercharger® fuel cell system which can sit on the ocean floor providing power for such assets as Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV's), Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAV's) and other systems needing power for maritime applications.

    The company has also recently partnered on a project which will demonstrate the feasibility of pairing renewable energy and hydrogen electrolysis to refuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

    About Teledyne Energy Systems

    Teledyne Energy Systems is an industry leader in the fields of alkaline electrolysis for hydrogen production, radioisotope thermoelectric power systems, advanced batteries, and air independent fuel cell systems.  Teledyne Energy Systems provides engineering, commercial systems, and advanced manufacturing solutions for harsh environments in space, defense, energy, and maritime industries. For over five decades, the company has successfully delivered innovative systems, integration, operations, and technology development worldwide. For more information about Teledyne Energy Systems visit at​.

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