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  • Teledyne Supporting Green Hydrogen Effort

    September 15, 2022

    Hunt Valley, MD –September,  15 2022 –  Teledyne Energy Systems (TESI), has been selected as a solution partner by DasH2energy, dba Dash Clean Energy (DCE), the recipient of a $1.2M grant from the California Energy Commission. The grant will fund DCE's demonstration of non-lithium-ion energy storage systems. These systems will utilize green hydrogen for extended duration fuel storage.


    TESI is providing an HMXT-200 hydrogen generator and hydrogen compressor system to the effort. TESI will also be designing the hydrogen generation and storage system. The system will use renewable power to generate the electricity which will power the hydrogen generator that is used to refuel hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The grant allows DCE to expand its business model use cases for zero-emission hydrogen peaker plants, supports the State of California's initiative to reach its 100% renewable targets, and provide equitable, reliable energy to underserved communities.


    Dwight Warnock the Vice President of TESI commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Dash on this project to further developments in green hydrogen energy deployment and reduce emissions for more sustainable, and clean systems. We hope to help continue the success of this program and to support future advancements in green energy."


    In the past year, DCE completed the initial development phase of a thermodynamic modeling software that calculates the lifecycle carbon intensity efficiency and degradation of green hydrogen. The commercial operation of the unit will begin January 2023 with a 12-month project roadmap. The Advanced Power and Energy Program (APEP) at the University of California, Irvine, will host the project and will serve as the principal investigator for the project's development.


    About Teledyne Energy Systems


    Teledyne Energy Systems is an industry leader in the fields of alkaline electrolysis for hydrogen production, radioisotope thermoelectric power systems, advanced batteries, and air independent fuel cell systems.  Teledyne Energy Systems provides engineering, commercial systems, and advanced manufacturing solutions for harsh environments in space, defense, energy, and maritime industries. For over five decades, the company has successfully delivered innovative systems, integration, operations, and technology development worldwide. For more information about Teledyne Energy Systems visit at​.


    About DasH2energy, dba Dash Clean Energy (DCE)


    DasH2energy, dba Dash Clean Energy (DCE), a boutique green hydrogen development company focused on zero emission peak power solutions.


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