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  • Subsea Supercharger® Completes Validation Testing

    January 24, 2022



    Teledyne Energy Systems Provides Autonomous Fuel Cell Electric Power at Great Ocean Depths

    Hunt Valley, MD-January 24, 2022- Teledyne's Subsea Supercharger® successfully completed validation testing at the Norwegian Center for Offshore Education, Tau Autonomy Center in Tau, Norway. The Subsea Supercharger® is a hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell electric power source designed to operate on the ocean floor with no connection to the surface. The Subsea Supercharger® is inherently load following and provides power on demand. Unlike a battery source, the Subsea Supercharger® can operate at full capacity in harsh and even arctic environments. 

    The validation test included a well intervention simulation in which the Subsea Supercharger® powered a subsea hydraulic pumping unit developed by Innova AS. The two systems were integrated and successfully deployed to a depth of 235 meters (770 feet) where subsea control fluid was pumped to a pressure of 180 bar (2,600 psi) for 30 minutes, six times a day. The Subsea Supercharger® seamlessly transitioned from “Sleep-mode" to “On" in response to power demands from the pumping unit as it repeatedly cycled on and off. The system also demonstrated ease of deployment by executing recovery and redeployment with multiple vessels and crews.

    ​The Subsea Supercharger® is designed to be deployed to a depth of 1000 meters (3,280 feet), can provide up to 8 kW of steady-state power and is configurable for more than 3 MWh of energy capacity. The system was designed to provide the offshore oil and gas community with an environmentally responsible backup power alternative for failing umbilical power sources as well as untethered power for green field development or brown field sustainment. The system is also capable of powering resident ROVs, providing energy for autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) charging docks, back-up power for subsea control systems, and supports transition to green hydrogen from fossil fueled surface-based systems. The Subsea Supercharger® enables the military, oil and gas industry, and researchers to run systems and missions for long durations with minimal need for human intervention. 

    The next validation test will occur in the spring of 2022 and will incorporate the Subsea Supercharger® with an AUV charging dock to demonstrate untethered, long-duration AUV operations. 

     Subsea Supercharger at Test Site

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