Mars Curiosity Rover

NASA required a robust and reliable power source for the Mars Curiosity Rover on its mission to investigate Martian climate…

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Titan EL

Hydrogen Gas Generator with Versatile 56, 66 and 80 Nm3/hr configurations.

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Subsea Supercharger

Teledyne has developed and successfully tested a remote power system based on their highly reliable fuel cells.

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Teledyne Trident Battery Systems

This family of battery packs can provide power for applications in extreme environments.

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Titan HMXT

Hydrogen Gas Generator with Versatile 2.8, 5.6 and 11.2 Nm3/hr configurations.

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Integrated Balance of Plant

Teledyne can integrate all of the fuel cell’s supporting solenoids, pressure transducers, regulators, relief valves, check valves, and thermistors into…

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Technology Leaders

Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. is a technology leader in the fields of electrolytic, thermoelectric, battery and fuel cell syst​ems.  We manufacture ​and support customers around the globe. 

We exemplify team work and customer satisfaction as we collaborate with space, energy, military and aviation customers.  We have the Power to Explore the vastness of the universe by using​ our proven technologies and innovative
solutions to meet unique, harsh application requirements.  

Power now, energy for the future. 

We are Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. and we have the solution ​to your most critical energy needs.

Need support? Our staff is available for technical assistance.

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