Thermoelectric Converters

​​​​​Thermoelectric generators use the Seebeck effect to turn temperature differentials into electricity. Thermoelectric Generators have a low power conversion efficiency, but are capable of providing a higher specific energy than any battery or fuel cell. 

Teledyne’s thermoelectric generators are typically fueled by liquid, gaseous, or solid fuels, hydrothermal vents, waste heat, solar heat, or isotope heat sources. Our generators can achieve as high as 7-14% efficiency depending on the system conditions and can operate at temperatures as high as 900 deg C.

With no moving parts to break our thermoelectric generators are ideal power sources for mission critical applications. The wide range of fuel sources also makes them useful in remote locations where sun-light or liquid fuel delivery infrastructure might be limited.

At the heart of our thermoelectric generators are our proprietary thermoelectric modules. These modules are tailored to meet the voltage, current, and efficiency requirements of each application. Every module is fully constructed and tested in house using strict quality control measures.​

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