​Trident Battery Systems

Teledyne Energy Systems has dedicated the last 50 years to providing power solutions that are designed to operate in extreme environments.  This expertise is now focused on providing a battery solution, The Trident Battery Systems.  The Trident Battery Systems are a family of battery packs that are ready to power your application in extreme environments.  This family of battery packs features an innovative passive cooling technology that allows them to operate at high charge and discharge rates with minimum impact to battery cycle life, thereby supplying maximum power at maximum cycle life.


  • Robust
  • Plug & play with SOC & SOH gauge
  • Adaptive BMS
  • Active cell/module balance
  • Advanced temperature management
  • RS485/CAN communications
  • IP 68


  • Industrial
  • UUV/Marine
  • Fire/Police
  • UPS/Emergency
  • UAV
  • Military

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