​Hydrogen gas has several important characteristics that make it useful for many applications. It has the lowest density of known elements, which makes it practical to compress or liquefy. In addition, the low density makes hydrogen a better application where friction losses can occur. Hydrogen’s high heat capacity, coupled with having the highest thermal conductivity of all gases, makes it an effective gas for heat transfer applications. Hydrogen is a reducing agent (scavenges free oxygen preventing it from corroding materials), making it a perfect getter gas for applications where oxidation is undesired. 


Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. offers a range of on-site, on-demand hydrogen gas generators that supply ultrapure hydrogen and Oxygen for these applications and more. Teledyne's TITAN hydrogen generation systems have proven to be the most reliable systems available worldwide, some still in use after 30 years! Our systems have been designed for ease of installation and for safe, reliable, unattended operation. Gas is generated at usable pressures and can be compressed to virtually any pressure at the exit of the generator.  In addition to the generator, Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. can design and supply the entire balance of plant needed to fully support specific application requirements, such as gas compression, storage, and delivery solutions.



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