Where in the World is Neil Sies?

Neil has traveled extensively throughout the world. So far this year, Neil has been to Russia, China, Columbia, Saudi Arabia and Jamaica.

Let’s back up a moment and get a bit of history about Neil. Neil joined TESI in 2006 as a Project Manager in the Commercial Products Group. By 2008, he was performing mainly customer and field service duties. He became a full time customer service engineer in 2010. Neil provides all in-house training for new reps and end users on the Titan product line.

Over a 4 year period, Neil commissioned 17 generators and had 14 other field service trips related to service or training. He has heard many times while on the road “you can’t leave”... so to say he’s in demand would be an understatement!

There have been many emergency trips on a last minute basis. A few years ago Neil traveled to Saudi Arabia on a moment’s notice to assist a colleague with a customer. He was in the Hunt Valley office in the morning and by the evening, was on his way to Saudi Arabia. He deals with scheduled and emergency situations regularly.

Neil works with the commissioning of units. This includes generators and any other equipment installed with the system - chillers, compressors, water systems and various equipment as needed to support end user requirements.

Neil travels at least 4-6 months of the year. When in the office, he is fielding customer questions and problems – managing 10-12 situations a month. This is one of the true “go to guys” when you have a problem AND at all times of the day!

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