Where in the World is Nathan Basbas?

Nathan joined Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. (TESI) - in 2006 as an Engineering Technician with responsibilities in the Hydrogen Lab (where all generators are tested prior to shipment). For 4 years he served this position by testing, preparing, and packaging hydrogen generators for shipment. Nathan was additionally responsible for making sure the lab was sanitized before and after any testing.

By 2010 Nathan’s skills in the lab made him a perfect candidate for his new (and current) job as a Field Service Engineer, which involved many new responsibilities and tasks. Nathan’s responsibilities include commissioning hydrogen generators and the auxiliary equipment needed for a complete balance of plant, training customers to properly operate and maintain their hydrogen generators and support equipment and handling service calls and emails to assist customers with questions about their equipment. Nathan feels most accomplished about his job overseeing a power plant installation in Riyadh. This was his first full commissioning job as a Field Service Engineer, and he’s been involved in over 30 commissioning and field service jobs since then.

Approximately 50% of every year Nathan can be found travelling and overseeing plant installations. In fact, Nathan just got back from Saudi Arabia and he’s already scheduled to leave again next week! In the past few years he has visited several countries including Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tunisia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Israel, Turkey, various places in Russia, Colombia, India, and lastly his native country – the Philippines.

Aside from the Philippines, Nathan’s preferred countries to visit include the UAE, Russia, and Australia due to their gorgeous views and scenery. Nathan is certainly a very busy and important guy here at Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc., so we look forward to seeing what he’s up to next.

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