​Where in the World is Joe Poindexter?

Joe Poindexter is currently a business manager at Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. (TESI). He has excelled in this position for over ten years. Joe attended the University of Maryland, College Park, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mechanical Engineering in 1994 and worked in research and development prior to joining Teledyne. In his many years at TESI, Joe has had the opportunity to travel all over the world, representing TESI in selling, installing, providing training and servicing hydrogen generators and systems.

In April of 2016, Joe traveled to Heyuan, China, located in the province of Guangdong for his first commissioning trip in ten years. About a two hour drive from the larger city of Guangzhou, the city of Heyuan is a popular vacation spot due to its year-round, warm, humid climate. Interestingly enough, people located within the vicinity of Heyuan have been known to unearth dinosaur skeletons and fossilized footprints. The city of Heyuan also houses a coal-fired power plant called, Heyuan Power Station.

In 2007, Teledyne Energy Systems supplied Heyuan’s power plant with two early models of the Titan HMXT. After the passing of several years, the hydrogen engineering company, Beijing CEI Technology Co., Ltd invited Joe to Heyuan’s power plant in order to assist with the replacement of one of the original Titan HMXT hydrogen generators. The new HMXT hydrogen generator is currently functioning in conjunction with the original on-site HMXT.

In addition to the installation, Joe conducted training sessions on TESI’s HMXT. Beijing CEI also invited individuals from around China to the training sessions. In attendance were current HMXT users and potential customers. Held in a conference-like atmosphere, Joe trained dozens of individuals and discussed HMXT installation and operating procedures. His expertise helped TESI provide exceptional support for one of our existing customers. We hope the training that he provided will also help new customers see the advantages of choosing TESI’s reliable TITAN hydrogen generators for their solutions. Our goal is to demonstrate to current and new customers the depth of TESI’s commitment to customer service and support.