Where in the World is Alex Kara?


​Alex Kara, one of our talented Business Managers, has been with Teledyne for 6 years. His savvy was first displayed in our engineering department, where he designed hydrogen system projects for our customers. He is now actively involved in talking directly to the customer to determine their needs and find the best solution for them. His prior design experience makes him the perfect fit for the job. In addition, Alex, who is a Native Russian speaker, has been devoting his time to meeting new customers in Russia.

His latest trip was on October 27-29, 2015, representing Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. as a member of the Industrial Gas community at the annual 2015 CRYOGEN-EXPO in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition hosted 60 companies from 11 different countries this year for its 14th consecutive hosting.

Teledyne was proud to present our hydrogen product line during the show. It was exciting to see new and familiar faces at the show to discuss the latest trends in the industry. Alex got behind the camera to discuss his enthusiasm, which can be viewed below. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel, as well as our company page on CRYOGEN-EXPO for more information regarding the show.


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