​​​Where in the World is..?

Where in the World is Joe Poindexter​?

Joe Poindexter is currently a business manager at Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc., excelling in this position for over 10 years! Here is a peak into his recent endeavors in China.​


Where in the World is Alex Kara?

Alex Kara gets behind the camera while representing Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc. at the 2015 CRYOGEN-EXPO in Moscow, Russia.

Where in the World is Riley Heisler?

This past December, a few TESI members traveled to various cities in Saudi Arabia to host a series of seminars. Let's see where they stopped.

Where in the World is Neil Sies?

Neil is an 8 year veteran of TESI and is one of our finest customer service engineers. Let's see where he's been lately.

Where in the World is Jason Foess?

Jason came to Teledyne Energy in 2004 and began working as a Production Manager supervising the manufacturing of hydrogen generators. Let's see what he's doing now and where he's been lately.

​Where in the World is Nathan Basbas?

Nathan will soon be celebrating his 10 year anniversary at TESI as a Field Service Engineer. Let's see what type of work he's done over the past decade.