Delille Ultrapure Oxygen and
Hydrogen Gas

The Challenge

An increased demand for high purity hydrogen left Delille Oxygen Company, a supplier of bulk industrial and medical gases, with the challenge of figuring out a way to make hydrogen.

One method of producing hydrogen is a process called electrolysis, in which water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen by passing an electric current through water. The hydrogen and oxygen are then purified for use in industrial processes, such as metal processing, semiconductor plants, power plant cooling, and float glass manufacturing.

Delille was specifically seeking an electrolytic generator that would purify both the hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, the company needed to house the generator in a separate building that met specific Ohio building codes.

The Solution

Delille’s search led them to Teledyne Energy Systems, Inc . Delille selected the Teledyne Energy Systems TITAN H2Oasis with an integral TITAN EC-750 Hydrogen Generator including both oxygen and hydrogen purifier and dryer assemblies built onto the skid, power supply, and water purification system.

Many other hydrogen generators simply did not include an oxygen purification system. Vice President of Delille, Josh Weinman, said the Teledyne Energy Systems TITAN H2Oasis was the best generator the company found, because it not only produced hydrogen and oxygen, but because it purified the oxygen in addition to the hydrogen.

The TITAN H2Oasis is a stand-alone building that houses all of the necessary components to supply hydrogen and oxygen for a company’s specific needs. For Delille’s system, engineers at Teledyne Energy Systems had to make specific design considerations and work with local building authorities to comply with Ohio building regulations.

The Success Story

Teledyne Energy Systems engineers personally helped to ensure a smooth installation in June 2013. Engineers at Teledyne Energy Systems modified current designs to help comply with regional regulations, built and installed a complete hydrogen and oxygen generator and purifier within ten months.

Teledyne Energy Systems demonstrated excellent customer service, speed, efficiency and expertise throughout the entire experience. Delille Vice President, Josh Weinman, said that customer service has been prompt. And, the customer service engineers made understanding the earlier stages of production easier with “step by step instructions.”

Delille has the current honor of housing the first H2Oasis system within the United States.

According to Weinman, the TITAN H2Oasis has helped Delille grow as a company by boosting sales for hydrogen and oxygen by 150 percent. In addition, overall sales increased due to Delille’s expanded offerings.

Both the hydrogen and oxygen produced by the TITAN H2Oasis have contributed significantly to Delille’s overall company growth. The company previously only served facilities locally in Ohio, but the company’s growth has allowed them to expand to serve everywhere east of the Mississippi river.

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